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Turning & Milling

with the highest precision.

Custom machining


Individual - from small parts to large assemblies

Our equipment enables us to machine both small and very large components, especially large welded assemblies. CNC-controlled lathes, milling centers and boring machines are available for this purpose.

Our machines enable high-quality turning of workpieces with maximum accuracy and efficiency as well as precise milling of workpieces for a wide range of applications and industry-specific requirements.




Horizontal turning:

CNC lathes ( with driven tools):
At max. Ø 1000 mm, max. length 3700 mm


Vertical turning:

CNC carousel lathe ( with driven tools):
Max. Ø 3250 mm, max. height 2500 mm (25 to.)





CNC boring machine with tilting head and rotating platform:
X=4,000 mm, Y=3000 mm, Z=2000 mm (25 to.)


CNC machining centers:
X=1006-3000 mm, Y=610-1200 mm, Z=620-1500 mm (1-11 to.)