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Bending, folding, cutting,

Sandblasting, welding & wear protection

Roll bending



NC roll bending machines:

Profiles up to HEB 240, IPE 240, HEA 280, IPN 450, angle steel 180x18, Round tube Ø220x8 etc.

Forming and bending of profiles and tubes for customized and functional components.



Press braking



Press brake:

Up to 3000 mm

Professional bending of sheet metal for precise and accurately fitting components.






Thermal cutting:

High-precision cutting of sheet metal with plasma technology, including the option of producing bevels for weld seam preparation or other applications (3D bevel head), as well as efficient cutting of thick sheet metal panels with oxyfuel cutting technology.

Sheet metal max. 2500 mm x 12000 mm, plasma up to 30 mm thick, oxyfuel up to 150 mm thick



Saw cutting





Precise and automated saw cutting of semi-finished products and raw material of various shapes and sizes up to a diameter of 640 mm.







High-quality welding of workpieces of different materials for durable and strong joints.

Welded constructions according to drawings or our own design are manufactured up to a unit weight of 12000 kg. Welding is carried out by hand or on welding robots and automatic welding machines. A wide range of materials is processed.

Surface crack inspection is also a standard feature of the assemblies we weld.
Manual welding: TIG, MAG
NC and robot welding: MAG, submerged arc (UP), hardfacing



Wear protection




We produce wear-resistant coatings and wear-protected components for special applications in materials handling technology and the construction machinery industry. High-alloy, high-strength materials are welded using manual and automated welding processes and then machined.