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Custom-made products

Custom-made designs and solutions



Our strength lies in the manufacturing of individual custom-made products according to the specific requirements of our customers. With our many years of experience and technical expertise, we develop customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Whether complex components, special tools or special assemblies - we deliver on your requirements. Thanks to our modern design and manufacturing techniques such as milling, turning and welding, we can create custom-made products with high precision and quality.

Do you need a very specific or individual component or do you have special requirements for the machining of your parts?

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Fixtures and devices
Individually made to measure

Our fixtures are tailor-made tools and aids that help to optimize the production process and ensure accuracy. We develop and manufacture fixtures for a wide range of applications, such as assembly, testing or machining. Our fixtures are designed according to your individual requirements and enable efficient and precise handling of your workpieces. With our design expertise and machinery, we offer customized fixtures that increase your productivity and ensure the quality of your products.







According to customer specifications or in-house development

Dead weight:

up to 16 000 kg


Material certificates APZ 3.1, dimensional report, crack test, hardness measurement, annealing report, hardness certificate


Stress-relieved annealing, galvanized, painted, machined on request


Further products

10 - 3000 mm ø

Rope drums
50 - 2000 mm ø
and up to 3700 mm length

Hook blocks
up to 16 t dead weight

Running and flange wheels
according to customer specifications

Custom solutions
According to individual requirements