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For your endurance runners -

our wheels

Durable components

for cranes & conveyor systems.

Running and flange wheels



Our running and flange wheels are precisely manufactured components for use in cranes, material handling systems, stacker cranes and other applications. Our state-of-the-art milling machines and lathes enable us to manufacture running and flanged wheels with exact geometries and tight tolerances. Careful finishing ensures low-friction motion and high load-bearing capacity of the wheels. Our running and flanged wheels are designed for durability and offer reliable performance even under demanding operating conditions.

We manufacture running and flanged wheels to customer specifications for use in high-bay storage and retrieval machines and other transport equipment. On request, also with pre-assembled roller bearings and axles ready for installation.







50-1000 mm

Load capacity:

according to requirements


Customized e.g.

  • with drive shaft
  • with roller bearings


Material certificates APZ 3.1, dimensional report, crack test, hardness measurement, annealing protocol, hardness certificate


Hardened, nitrided, coated on request


Further products

10 - 3000 mm ø

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50 - 2000 mm ø
and up to 3700 mm length

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up to 16 t dead weight

Running and flange wheels
according to customer specifications

Custom solutions
According to individual requirements