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Dimensioning of components and assemblies:

Expert engineering and dimensioning of components and assemblies for optimized performance and functionality.






3D CAD design:

Experienced technicians create models of complex components and assemblies using the latest CAD software for precise and customized solutions.







Structural analysis and FEM:

Professional structural analysis and finite element method to ensure structural stability and safety.








NDT non-destructive material testing MT/UT:

Reliable non-destructive material testing using magnetic particle methods and others for quality assurance.








On-site measurement and inspection:

Precise and accurate on-site measurement and needs analysis for customized planning and execution of your projects.








Spare parts supply:

We take care of the production of spare parts for your systems and machines. Regardless of whether the systems have been discontinued or spare and wear parts are no longer available from the manufacturer. This is also an ideal model for you as a plant and machine manufacturer to be able to supply your customers with spare parts in an economical way.








Repair / overhaul:

Is your system in need of repair or retrofitting? We can supply you with the right components and, if possible, also take care of the installation or modification.








Transport and logistics:

If required, we can take care of the safe and on-time transportation of your goods and, if necessary, arrange deliveries and collections with our own fleet of vehicles.